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Digital Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Introducing dCBT - Digital Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Groundbreaking technology uses more than 30 different Behaviour Change Techniques and assembles support programs from more than 200 interventions. Interventions delivered directly to your patient or customer's phone when their most effective.

Focused on Chronic

With interventions designed to support:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Weight Managment
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking cessation
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Hospital Discharge Support

Personalised Companion Programs Companion Programs are individually assembled with the knowledge that most patients with a chronic condition have more than one. A "one-size fits all" program for just diabetes or weight management doesn't work as well as one that is "holistic" in scope.

Practical AI

Beth is a personal health assistant and the ultimate Intelligent Agent - but unlike Siri or Alexa, she doesn't just wait for your attention. Her job is to provide encouragment, education, reminders and oversight when needed. All made possible using leading-edge Knowledge Representation and Deep Learning from patient/customer-provided data.

Partner-Customised Programs

As a partner, you want to be able to choose the words, phrases, links and educational resources that are used in automated conversation components. You also want to control what rewards are offered and when they're given. Your partner program provides a menu of interventions that you can tailor to your unique needs.

Smart and Comprehensive Records

Logs of conversations between Beth, her charge and any collaborators or carers. Smart-phone-captured images of medications, device readings, pathology and discharge reports. Steps and other data collected by the phone and from other phone apps. Patient observations and AI-driven insights on patient behavior. All indexed, organised and summarised for patient, partners and practitioners.

24x7 Support for your Clients or Patients

Your client or patient's smartphone is always with them. The phone's camera, microphone and screen are Beth's eye's, ears and voice. The tellbeth app lets Beth record, analyse and respond to the everyday things - little or big - that impact a health journey.

Take the load off your call centre

Sometimes your patient or customer wants to know or arrange something that only you or your organisation can provide. Rather than send them to your website or call centre, you can let Beth handle queries on your behalf. How? We plug her into your choice of easy-to-configure conversational services from Google (, IBM (Watson), Microsoft (Bot), Amazon (Lex), Facebook ( ...

Care Coordination and Collaboration

Beth's comprehensive records can be selectively shared with and contributed to by physicians, your coaches, allied health professionals, family members and other carers. Collaborate using mobile or web apps, secure email or selected Practice and Patient Management Systems.

Long-term Engagement & Visibility

Most chronic disease support and management programs run for 6 to 12 weeks. It's too expensive to run them for longer. Behaviour change doesn't happen overnight, however, so Beth's Companion programs are engineered to provide support for 12 months or more. This make them more effective - and it gives you long-term visibility into the health journey of your client, patient or staff member.

Built-in Rewards Framework

Companion provides support for points, badges, prizes and other rewards. As a partner you control what behaviour is rewarded and how. You can also link Companion's virtual rewards to your own "real-world" incentive programs

Cost-effective Behaviour Change

Companion is a digital program that makes heavy use of automation, AI and devices that your client, patient or staff member already has. This means that Companion can be delivered at fraction of the cost of traditional chronic disease support and management programs.


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